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Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder and connecting.

System Consultancy

An organization with a strategy for growth must also have a matching plan for Information Systems & Technology. We help our clients, to chart their Information and Communication Technology Roadmap.

Our customers, need not wonder, which path to choose, when deciding on a Software. Innovatus America offers a software selection service, which will ensure you not only save cost but also will get a quality product that adds value to your business.

If one has a team of experienced code developers, but require help in designing the software or to handle project management, we are here to help.

Business Software Solutions

Project management, Designing of complex systems, implementation are our core strengths. Complex systems operated by a large number of on-line users, have been successfully implemented by our experienced team of committed professionals. Knowledge and expertise of various domains and business sectors, available with us, enables us to deliver robust software solutions, all the time.

We work with you, understand your specific needs, design and develop the best suited software and also ensure it gets implemented quickly. We believe that a software must be developed based on the four basic principles, namely:
What is said, What is not said, What is inferred and What are the best practices.

This positive attitude ensures the software is not a mere translation but something that adds value for our clients.

App Development

Innovatus America is known for an innovative approach to technology & systems, and this is confirmed in the niche Smart Phone Apps. developed by us for the world market.

We undertake customized software development on Android ® technology, especially for field management. Our customizable framework for Mobile Field Service Management (ISendData) can serve any business sector that employs field personnel and is in need of real-time status update from far away locations.

Whether it is for Retail Audit or a large Farm reporting or for filing Customer Call Reports or for other similar purposes, we have a solution on Apple/Android ® technology.

If you wish to know how to make your product brochures come alive and interactive, contact us and we have the answer.