Our Main Services

Services done right will have a positive impact on your business. Help us understand you and your business needs so that we can serve you better.

Senior Citizen Communities

ORIS - Online Resident's Information System is a software developed for supporting the efficient management of Senior Citizen's Retirement Communities. ORIS is feature-rich and can be used by retirement communities of all sizes. ORIS is the ideal software for the management of retirement communities enabling them to provide the best service at highly affordable rates.

Paint Product Analyzer

Developed in similar lines to Adobe Photoshop this software has contributed to the faster closing of the sales leads. Interior and exterior images of buildings can be visualized in different shades, design patterns and stencils using the software thus helping the customer to make a quicker decision. Color schemes and calculator are some of the other interesting options.

Real Estate

The CRM systems(SMART) is for handling the entire life cycle of every Opportunity (Sales lead) from its registration until the sale is completed and the cheque is received. SMART covers not just sale of paint products but also the Professional Painting Solution (Turnkey solutions) option as well. Special options are available for Agency customers, Post Date Cheques handling, Opportunities transfer etc.
We are happy that SMART has contributed much to the growth in business of clients.
The system is adoptable for any other similar industry, notably those who deal with cement, construction material and other items linked to the construction industry.

Dealer Distribution

Visual Composer premium plugin worth $34. Visual Composer is a drag and drop backend page builder that will save you tons of time working on our site content.

UX Development

We work side-by-side with startup founders and business leaders to help them nail their product vision, distill their rough product ideas into concrete UI/UX designs, create wireframes, get user feedback, create final designs, build prototypes, build mobile apps, build web apps, build web sites, and more.

Our work ranges from mass-market consumer offerings to mission critical behind-the-scenes enterprise projects.


Voice over Internet Protocol (also voice over IP, VoIP or IP telephony) - we have the expertise to install and setup VOIP for communities and small businesses. We specialize in installation of Asterisk, FreePbx, A2billing.